Welcome To My Rainforest Blog

Welcome to my new rainforest blog!

I’m a college student in Denver with a newly discovered passion for rainforests, so I’ve decided to start a blog about them! I’ll cover a wide range of topics, from the history of rainforests, what cool animals live in them, and how to get involved with saving them (even if you can’t contribute financially), to tropical recipes, rainforest home remedies, and other ways to bring the rainforest into your everyday life. I’m even planning on doing entries about how to travel to the rainforest on a budget, just in case there’s anyone out there who needs to be frugal but desperately wants to visit a rain forest (or several) one day. I’ll do research on which rain forests are the safest to visit, the most inexpensive (and safest) ways to visit them, and any other useful information that’ll help get you there, and know what to expect when you do.

Now, I’m no rainforest expert and I might get some things wrong, as I’m learning all the information I’m blogging along with you. If I make any mistakes I will do my very best to correct them right away. I’m going to spend between 8 and 10 hours a week working on this blog. I’m dedicated to finding the right information and I will be careful to check my facts, but nobody is perfect, and neither is my blog. If you see anything amiss, feel free to let me know and I will do more research and make sure to rectify my mistakes. Feel free to ask questions and comment!

If you love rain forests and want to learn more about them, then this is probably the blog for you!


Photo courtesy of Dirk van der Made.



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