Rainforests Need Your Help

Rainforests need your attention! Deforestation is only getting worse and they are dying at an alarming rate. Not enough people know what that means, and therefore aren’t invested in saving them. If you want to discover a few creative ways you can do your part in saving them every single day, you should probably read this.

This is a sister post to my entry Save the Rainforest, Save the World. In that one, I went over the reasons why rainforests are so important to save, as well as some great ways to go about saving them. This post is a continuation of that.

You should care about what happens to rainforests! They impact the world in major ways every single day! Saving them will help prevent climate change, keep millions of plant and animal species alive, and protect indigenous people’s lives, homes, and cultures, for starters. If you want to know more about why they’re important, click here. Learning about rainforests is one of the first things you can do to start saving them.

How to Save the Rainforest

  • Email other governments. Indigenous people protect rainforests, so getting their homes back (and protected) is a great way to save rainforests. Email other government officials and insist they streamline the process to title indigenous lands. It takes a ridiculous amount of time for them to do so otherwise, and meanwhile, they allow companies access to destroy the rainforest in no time at all. Since 2007, only 50 indigenous communities have been granted land rights while over 35,000 mining concessions have been approved. Go to this site to email those governments (under Step 7).
  • Support indigenous communities. Buy ethnically sourced indigenous crafts or visit communities in a responsible way.
  • Put solar panels on your roof. If you have a house and you have some money, think about doing this. Look for wind or solar powered electricity providers and switch to them! Turn your heat down a little in the winter and other things that reduce how much oil and gas you use.
  • Refuse to eat Brazilian beef. 60-70% of Brazilian rainforest degradation is due to cattle ranching. Think about eating less meat, and/or getting locally produced foods.
  • Buy Rainforest Alliance or Rainforest Alliance approved coffee and foods.
  • Don’t use pesticides on your garden. Using them supports multinational pesticide manufacturers who contribute to rainforest destruction.
  • Eat certified organic foods.
  • Recycle.
  • Bike to school or work.
  • Become an ecotourist. This one’s tricky. The goal of ecotourism is to provide tourism that’s safe for the environment, but many companies just use this title as a way to make money. They’re often just as damaging as regular tourist attractions. It’s important that you research the establishment you’re planning to visit.
  • Volunteer. Find a way to volunteer at charities for rainforests or to help the environment in some way.
  • Establish parks to protect rainforests! Learn more about this here. (It’s not long!)
  • Bitseeds. These are kind of like bitcoins. Unfortunately, I researched them a little (I was going to try to use them), and it seems they’re too much of a hassle. It looks like they take up all the space on your computer and are too complicated to figure out. But if you have a ton of space on your computer, are tech savvy, and want to try them out, maybe give them a try and tell me about your experience!


That’s about it for my list (and remember, this is just the second half). Get involved in the fight against deforestation one way or another, just get involved. Rainforests need your help, whether you think you can make a difference or not.


Photo courtesy of FreeGreatPicture.com.


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