About Me

Hey! My name is Deserae, and I’m currently an undergraduate at MSU Denver studying English and Japanese. Super random that I started a rainforest blog, huh? Not really…I’ve always adored nature, rainforests in particular, but from afar. I don’t know much about them (just yet), but I find myself inexplicably drawn to them by forces I cannot understand. So I’ve decided to give in and embrace my newfound passion for rainforests by learning everything I can and immersing myself in all things rainforest. I want to create a place where anyone who has this same inexplicable longing or interest can easily find neat facts or fun ways to integrate the rainforest in their everyday lives.

I’m not a professional in any sense, as I’m still a year from graduating college. And even when I do graduate, my degree has nothing to do with rainforests, so my blog is probably not a good scholarly source of information (although I’ll have links to all the resources I use, and some might indeed be great scholarly resources). I just want to share my love of rainforests with you in a creative way!

One day I hope to visit as many rainforests as I can, and maybe even live on an island (don’t know which yet). Nature is where I feel the most free, and if I can have easy access to a rainforest, then that’s where I wanna be. I’m also planning on becoming as active as I can in the fight for rainforests, so I might eventually get involved in a charity or at least do an internship at one. We’ll see what happens.